April, 2013, Barcelona (Spain)

"Barcelona behind my objective - a story told in pictures"

May, 2013, Provincetown (USA)

"Three months in Provincetown and four recipes"

July, 2013, Wellfleet (USA)

"Homemade ice-cream, inspired by Wellfleet"

August, 2013, Boston (USA)

"Boston cream pie and a story about the city"

August, 2013, Santo Domingo (Dominican republic)

"Black and white in DR"

September, 2013, Manati park (Dominican republic)

"A Dominican park and Banana pancakes with crispy bacon and honey"

September, 2013, Punta Cana (Dominican republic)

"Punta Cana with a Pina Colada"

September, 2013, Las Vegas (USA)

"A cheesecake with a taste of Las Vegas"

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